What does "cost of attendance" mean?

If you are admitted to 博彩网站 and apply for financial aid, you will see a cost of attendance (COA) listed on your financial aid offer. Cost of attendance (COA) is an estimate of the total cost of attending a college or university for one academic year. It doesn't only include tuition and fees, and it is not the bill you'll receive from 博彩网站. It takes into account all of the expenses a student may have for that year, including basic living costs. The COA on your financial aid offer (also known as a "student budget") serves two purposes:

  1. to give you an estimate of the cost to attend 博彩网站 for one year, and
  2. to set a limit on the amount of financial aid you can receive during the academic year (which is required by federal regulations) Your financial aid, including loans may not exceed your COA.

Your actual expenses for living expenses, transportation and miscellaneous personal expenses may be different than what is included in your COA. Your tuition charges will vary should you change programs and/or based on the actual credits you take each semester.

Cost of attendance is made up of direct and indirect costs.

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Direct costs are charges that will appear on your University bill, like tuition and fees, and on-campus living expenses like housing and food, 如果适用的话. All financial aid you receive (including student loans) will first pay toward your bill, so you'll end up paying less than the full amount of direct costs listed for your program once your aid is applied.


Indirect costs, on the other hand, will not appear on your bill. 而不是, these are estimated costs associated with attending school, 比如书, 课程材料, supplies and equipment, and off-campus living expenses like housing, food and transportation, and personal miscellaneous expenses. Many students choose to borrow student loans to help pay for these additional costs. 记住这一点 the total amount of your financial aid can't exceed the cost of attendance listed on your aid offer.

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